Links Enjoyed Recently

Hilarious Lists -- A series of user submitted lists of things. My favorite? Shows I Pitched to VH1. Includes such memorable shows as: Most Things About the '80s Sucked, Hopefully You're Not Sick of Celebrities, and When Not Stoned or Onstage, Bands Often Don't Get Along.

Understanding USA -- A Flash intensive site that has some cool facts. Like the human brain is capable of 20 Million Billion calculations per second. ComputArs pwnd.

Kitten Wars! -- A la Zoolander's walk off, kittens face off to determine who is the cutest.

Sketch Blog -- So soothing...

Leveraged Sell-out -- Life inside investment banking.

Going Private -- Life inside private equity. Enjoy the saga...

Regret the Error -- Regret The Error reports on corrections, retractions, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the media.

Kottke -- Home of fine hypertext products (where I snitched my header gif).

Bluejake -- Sweet photo blog.

Gullible -- Did you know Ikea means simple in Swedish?

Seeking Alpha -- One page RSS feeds summarizing The Wall Street Journal and Barrons. Feed for WSJ. Explore the rest.

Life Hacker -- Geek to live, don't live to geek.

Cell Tower Locations -- Ever wonder why you can't get reception. Locate cell towers via gmaps api.

Alkemis -- Monitor police scanners, feeds to live traffic cams, news stories plotted on maps, traffic reports, bus schedules, train delays, restaraunt reviews -- the best local content anywhere, plotted on a map. Base location is NYC but you can move it to anywhere you want.

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