1989 Called. Bugger Off.

Those in the know, know that my site is visited by Big Brother quite often. Watch where you click.

In other news, I am seeing someone. Her name is Shalo Radjabova. Harvard undergrad & grad. Currently she works in private equity (think slash and burn corporate raiding) in NYC. She runs a blog if you want to read about her. I met her out here, but she is back in NYC. We trade emails everyday and talk when time permits.

Also I answered two important questions today:

1. What does $180 worth of cold chinese food smell like. Answer: It smells like beginning work on an 8 hour project at 5 pm at the request of the powers that be.

2. Do I dare cancel a meeting with said powers that is scheduled for tomorrow at 7 am (which is a regular person's 5 am). Answer, pardon my french, hell yes. I will let you know how the surf was.

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  1. I am sooooo excited to meet her!!!!

  2. what is her blog address?

  3. Aunt Diane said she is too pretty for you. But I click on her picture. Is she member of the church?

  4. Speaking of surf:

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