New tools / toolkit

The funny thing about my dad's garage--there are a ton of specialty tools, but some basic tools are lacking. Maybe that's because the kids take them and don't put them back (the oft-repeated refrain from my childhood).

There were two drills and four batteries--nothing held a charge or worked. No circular saw to be seen. And we were experiencing a severe clamp shortage. The universal constant in wood working is "you can never have too many clamps."

So despite my previous shading dealings with people from KSL, I jumped back in the swirl. The good thing about the downturn in the housing market is that there are plenty of people looking to offload tools for a little cash. Either that or a lot of stolen goods are now sold online.

Some of my finds:

18v drill with two batteries (that both hold a charge): $35.

12 used pipe clamps: $55.

I borrowed a circular saw and a biscuit jointer from family--the other great source for tools, relatives that you see infrequently. J/k julie. Maybe.

Photo filter was called "toolkit", which is a word related to "tool" which is what I purchased. Jokes are always funnier when you explain them. Also, I am too lazy to turn the pic of the bar clamps around.


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