Silhouette in oak

Silhouette is the name of the photo filter. Get it? See what I did there? Well, if I think about, I didn't do much--there is no silhouette of the wood at all. It's like I'm Michael Scott performing for myself, alone, forever....

(Shakes head). Ahhhheeem. One thing that annoys me about Utah is that Craigslist isn't really a thing here. That took me a little while to figure out--craigslist was devoid of anything useful, which is so uncharacteristic. But in order to email anyone about their stuff on KSL Classifieds (apparently, the site of choice here) you have to become a member, fill out a form, provide your real name and physical address, etc. I finally had to actually call someone about their ad.

I eventually found some additional oak from a guy around 33rd south. Of course, everything about it was sketchy. I meet some stranger on a corner in Salt Lake, walk into a deserted ramshackle barn that he says he owns and load up some lumber but "no lights" he said. He had "inherited" it from "a friend". Who bequeaths wood? I mean, in all he had about $2,000 worth of oak there, but it seemed a strange thing to include in a will. But it was a good deal, about $12 for 10/4 x 6" x 6'.

(I threw in a bit of extra lingo there that I picked up--apparently with hardwood, you  say all the thicknesses in quarters so it is easier to calculate board feet. Board feet, of course, is a volume measurement of wood rather than a linear measure. So a board 1 inch by 1 inch by 12 feet is the same price as a board that is 3"x 4"x 1 foot.)

It cleaned up relatively nicely, except for the fact that in the light of day, some of the wood looked a little less appealing. Who knew that when you try to get stuff cheap you often end up getting junk. New concept.

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  1. of course 10 of the 25 unread items i had came from here. i'm happy to have you back in my life. eliza and i were just lamenting your disappearance (true story).