Cauliflower Pizza

Trying to eat better. I came across this recipe for cauliflower pizza. For better, or often for worse, I will try anything once. Well, I will try anything a few times just to be sure. That has led me to some poor life decisions, but I think this cauliflower pizza is pretty good. Give it a shot.

Grate a whole head of cauliflower & microwave it for 8 minutes.

Make some sort of sauce.

Throw whatever canned tomato product you have in a pan.

Cooked cauliflower, eggs, some cheese, and I threw in some chopped parsley. I also put in half egg whites instead of full eggs.

Sauce thickening up nicely.

Pizza "dough" after 15 minutes at 450.

Chopped toppings and cheeses. I just used whatever I had--so a combo of not-so-fresh fresh mozzarella, goat cheese and parmesan. 

Ready for a quick broil to heat up the veggies and melt the cheese.

Pulled out a slice and tried it.

The rest is for meals later in the week.

All in all, not that bad for you. Half of the calories come from cheese. I will probably make it again, but plan ahead and buy some cheaper mozzarella and pass on all the other cheese I put in. Olives and artichoke hearts also packed a big calorie punch. But you could cut it down to 1200 cal total, I think. Then half of the whole thing would be 600 cal and kind of a huge meal. 

How did it taste? 

(Probably one of my fav gifs this days.) It tastes pretty much like pizza, at least the american version of some giant combo pizza. But I think it's basically a really big frittata, which is fine, because it's still good. Try it out.


  1. I tried a bite this was yummy:)

  2. I'm pretty sure Uncle Harry would try it. Once anyway.